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General Information

Common Questions

Root Canal Treatment Postoperative Instructions

You are receiving these instructions because you have just had endodontic (root canal) treatment. Your root canal is either complete, or there is medication inside your tooth that requires you to return to the clinic to have the treatment completed. Please follow the instructions below:

After Root Canal Treatment:

  • Please refrain from eating/drinking until the numbness has worn off.
  • Avoid eating hard or crunchy substances on the affected side (i.e. almonds, carrots, popcorn, sunflower seeds, etc.) until the final restoration has been placed by your general dentist. 


  • Discomfort/soreness on the tooth is normal for the next 3-7 days.  Symptoms may range from mild to severe and may become worse on the second day. This discomfort is caused by inflammation of the tooth ligaments and gums caused by the manipulation of the tooth during treatment. Please be reassured that discomfort in the area does not affect the success or outcome of the treatment.
  • These symptoms typically respond well to over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications. We recommend taking the following OTC pain medications for the first 2-3 days after treatment, even in the absence of pain600mg of Ibuprofen (3 tablets of Advil/Motrin) every 6 hrs.  (do NOT exceed 3200mg a day) AND/OR 1000mg of Acetaminophen (2 tablets of extra strength Tylenol) every 6 hrs. (do NOT exceed 3000mg a day)
  • If you were prescribed narcotic medications, please be aware that these medications can induce drowsiness, so please be caution when driving.
  • Please take any antibiotics you may have been prescribed as instructed.

Contact our office immediately at (301) 530-1131 if you develop any of the following:

  • Severe pain or swelling inside/outside the mouth
  • Adverse reaction (allergies/nausea) to prescribed medications
  • Loss of temporary filling

Final Restorations (ie. Crowns)

Please contact your regular dentist immediately (no later than 2-4 weeks) to arrange an appointment for the final restoration. A permanent restoration of a root canal treated tooth is essential for long term success of the treatment. Delay in obtaining a final restoration may result in fracture/loss of tooth or may require a retreatment of the root canal.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call our office.

Microsurgical Apicoectomy Postoperative Instructions

After Apicoectomy Surgery:

Normal Activities are fine, but no heavy physical exercise today.

Avoid lifting the lip to look at the surgical area as this can tear the sutures and delay healing.

Use an ice pack on the outside of your face over the area of the surgery to minimize swelling, bleeding and bruising. The ice pack should be applied for 10-15 minutes of each hour for the first 6-8 hours.

Eat meals at regular intervals but avoid food that may traumatize the incision site. Avoid spicy and hot (temperature) foods.

Have any prescriptions filled and take as directed.

Do not rinse your mouth today. Starting tomorrow morning, you may rinse your mouth and the surgery area after meals. Brush teeth normally but avoid the soft tissue in the surgical area.

The following is to be expected and should cause no concern:

a. Slight oozing of blood for about 36 to 48 hours.

b. Swelling within the first 48 hours.

c. Mild discomfort.

d. Discoloration of the skin.

Please call the office (301-530-1131) if you have any questions or problems.